Toddler Care

    Staffing:We employ a specially trained Toddler Group Leader and trained aides to staff our room at a ratio of 1:5. Our staff is carefully chosen with complete background checks performed. We maintain on-going education, conduct regular staff meetings and compensate our teachers at an above average level, which all allows us to attract and keep an excellent staff. There are no more than 10 toddlers in our program on any day. In toddlers, we maintain a ratio of 1:7, but our room is also limited to 10 children per day.

General Information and Schedule for Toddlers:


Our toddler room is a special bridge between the infant nursery and Preschool. Generally speaking, toddlers start about 18 months with a number of sturdy skills in place. For example, a typical toddler at EA walks well, can self feed, has a vocabulary of 25 to 50 words or so, and understands one and two step commands. (Example : Timmy, please hang up your coat and sit at the table. It's time for snack.) 

     Like preschoolers, toddlers have a daily schedule with themes and goals. We sing songs, learn our colors, learn Bible stories, count, and have new stories every week. 

      Unlike preschoolers, toddlers have much more leeway in their individual needs. For example, not every toddler can come to circle time and learn a song. That toddler might need to explore blocks, or "cook" in the kitchen, while other toddlers are learning. This is the toddler room, and flexibility is key. 

     Our toddlers are also evaluated twice a year (and as needed) using the Developmental Checklists developed by the Early Childhood Direction Center in conjunction with the American Academy of Pediatrics. 

    Food & supplies:

You will need to provide lunches, but we will provide snacks (mornings & afternoon) for your toddler. We will also provide a drink at lunch, although you may pack one if you wish. Generally, we serve juice with our snacks and 2% milk with our lunches. As they become able, toddlers may participate in our Tues &