As a school, we follow developmentally appropriate practices in each of our classrooms. We strive to implement the principles of Love and Logic in molding the behavior of our children. Always, the safety and well-being of each child is paramount.

In the infant and toddler classrooms, our primary focus is creating positive relationships between your child and their teacher; a loving bond that will form the foundation of learning and development. From there, we seek to provide a variety of activities to stimulate your child's curiosity and to foster their development socially, intellectually, emotionally and physically.

In our preschool classrooms, the bond between student and teacher is also important, and we begin moving forward with more structured learning opportunities, including 'centers' time, structured projects and teacher-directed 'circle' time.

In all of our classrooms, a balance of indoor and outdoor activities

is essential to our daily schedule. All teachers post weekly plans,

reflecting the themes & activities planned for children that

week. Also posted are daily schedules and information we

want to share with parents, regarding issues related to

the growth and development of all children.