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Our Philosophy

Evergreen Academy is an independent, nonprofit educational institution, recognized as tax-exempt under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.We are Christian school, seeking to live out the historic Christian faith every day with our children and families. We say prayers before our snacks and meals, and incorporate Bible lessons into our weekly plans. As a staff, we pray together weekly, for ourselves, our children and our families. We seek to meet the needs of each student, within the capabilities of our staff and the scope of our program. We want to take each child from 'where they are' and help them progress along the developmental spectrum by knowing them, appreciating them for who they are, providing appropriate activities, guidance and discipline and communicating effectively with the family. We accomplish this thru effective leadership, continuous internal training and frequent attendance at professional development seminars and classes. Our Mission

Evergreen Academy's mission is to provide a challenging school experience, to build a caring community and to make the Gospel of Christ relevant to its community.

Statement of Faith

We welcome people of all beliefs to Evergreen Academy. As a school, we hold to the following beliefs: The Bible is inspired by God, contains no errors and is authoritative in our lives There is only one God, and He exists in Three

Persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit Each person, because of their sin, needs salvation and that salvation is only available in Christ Following Christ means living His Life and following His commands through the grace of His Spirit